Housing contractors in Jamaica

Looking for housing contractors in Jamaica to build your new home on your own land? We can build your home from start to finish in 6 to 8 weeks!

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Housing Contractors in Jamaica

We focus on Low Cost, Affordable Housing Solutions using non-conventional approach that saves the Consumer or the Investor as much as 30% over conventional methods. As seasoned Developers and Project Managers, we possess the capacity to deliver and provide you with a GREAT INVESTMENT. Your business is in safe hands with us.

The EGO Building System is approved by the Jamaica Bureau of Standards, rated to withstand winds up to 145 mph/233kph .

housing contractors in Jamaica
A build on your own land house in the early stages of construction. We finished in under 8 weeks!

Housing contractors in Jamaica are interested in our building system that finishes a home in 8 weeks. Build on your own land and move in within 8 weeks, yes 8 weeks

Benefits of our building system are:• More affordable than traditional methods, No Material theft/security issues, Small number of workmen, Turnkey (Move-In-Ready),• Fire, Water and Termite Resistant.

Mission: To provide strong, affordable, turnkey residential build-on-own-land solutions to the Jamaican land owner completed within 6 to 8 weeks that will last a lifetime.Vision: To become the contractor of choice for build-on-own-land solutions and to provide Jamaican land owners with viable options to build the home of their dreams.

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The finished house during the final stages

The EGO Building System is an innovative low cost building system that aims to cut the price of the conventional block and steel unit of the same size by 30-35% and can be erected in less than 25% of the time it takes to erect a block and steel unit. The materials used are specialy designed cement fiber board which is a High grade, high density cement fiber board manufactured to be fire resistant, water resistant, and termite resistant. Now being used in North America, Canada and in the eastern Caribbean, this amazing material is used not just to build low income houses but commercial buildings, churches, schools, offices, warehouses and multistory buildings. The material is environmentally friendly and is indeed a Green Product.

Tel 9252161, 925-8230 to speak with us about build your home within 6 to 8 weeks on your own land in Jamaica

GO BUILDING SYSTEM is designed to withstand winds up to 150 mph and will stand up to earthquakes and other acts of God similar to conventional steel buildings. The strength of ego building system is to be found in the structure of the building which can stand alone and is made from galvanized steel, track and stud of sizes and strength to meet an acceptable standard. All other materials used are conventional and approved by the relevant authorities.

TIP – Consider accessibility before calling any housing contractors in Jamaica or before buying that plot of land

There is little benefit to having a sizeable plot of land if you cannot access it.

Before buying a property, check that there is access to public roads to allow you (and build traffic) to drive onto the site without having to pay for right of access over someone else’s land.

What else you should check?

  • Is the land on a flood plain?
  • Is it under a flight path?
  • Is it close to a the highway or busy road?
  • Are there any planned developments nearby (property, industrial or otherwise)
  • Are there are any public rights of way across the land?
  • Is the plot big enough for your plans?
  • What are the views like?
  • Is your property likely to be overlooked by neighbouring homes?

Build on own land in Jamaica
You should also look at the market value of properties in the surrounding area and see how the cost of land compares before calling any housing contractors in Jamaica.

These tips will give you an idea of whether the land is worth the asking price and help you to establish whether you are likely to make a profit if you sell it at a later date.

This amazing cement bonded particleboard is a high-quality panel of extraordinary properties composed of Portland cement, wood chips and minerals pressed together into a chemically stable and environmentally friendly building material. It’s ideal for multiple structural exterior and interior applications.  It is widely used for all kinds of prefabricated buildings. It is ideal for dry building technologies, building in demanding climatic conditions and for any structure when there is a demand for fire protection, weather resistance, soundproofing and durability…

This Cement fiber board is the real deal for builders and contractors. Anything board can do, this material can do it and much more, with tons of advantages. It can be nailed, screwed, cemented, glued, used where termites are and where water is. It is cooler, easier to handle and environmentally friendly. This super board exhibits extraordinary properties for fire resistant, weather resistant, termite and mold resistant while maintaining the structural integrity and workability of conventional particle poard/plywood/OSB. EGO® is one of the best choices for floor systems, roof structures, facades, cladding, fire-stopping applications, lower ceilings, partition walls, garden accessories, theater/auditorium seating and wall panel and approved by many master builders in Jamaica.

home builders in Jamaica

Plycem Cement fiber board is designed to be used in the following areas:

1. Wall cladding inside and outside. (Beautiful finishes and adapt to anything concrete can)

2. Flooring (used instead of concrete and very adaptable to tiling)

3. Ceiling (for lasting effects against termite and water)

4. Moldings (windows, doors, skirtings and other decorative applications)

5. Bathroom walls

6. Partitions It can be obtained in various thicknesses from 1/8” up to 1” and is usually manufactured in size of 4’ x 8’


Plycem Cement Board is the leading product and is not new to Jamaica as it has been accepted by leading architects and has been extensively used over the past ten years in several local projects such as the new addition to the Norman Manley International Airport, the Northern Caribbean University in Mandeville, the University College of the Caribbean, most of the new Spanish hotels & Richmond Development a major upscale housing project in St. Ann, to name a few.

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