Cost to Build a House in Kingston Jamaica

What’s Cost to Build a house in Kingston Jamaica?

Building a house in Kingston Jamaica or anywhere in Jamaica – What are the costs and how long does it take?

We will answer the last question first. We can build your house on your own land in 8 weeks. Watch video below.

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As you probably already know, building a house is, generally speaking, much cheaper than buying one, but it does assume that ‘all other things are equal’.

Some important considerations are location, clearing of land, drainage, security of materials, fixtures, transportation, and last and by no means least, demand and the general economic state of the industry and country.

You’ll also need to consider having the right professionals to help you along with the process. It may not be neccessary to choose one of the top construction companies in Jamaica as the build on own land may actually end up costing you more.

Call 925-8230 to speak with us about our build on own land system that takes 6 to 8 weeks to be completed. yes your house will be finished in 6 to 8 weeks

Having the right professional could be key to ensure it turns out more economical – quality work and professionalism thus preventing ‘overuns’.

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After all, it is your dream home or the start of your dream home. And opting to build, or more precisely, opting to oversee its construction instead of buying one ready-made, offers the chance to customise your ‘castle’ to your taste and the needs of your family.

Numerous Factors to Consider When building your House on Your Land in Jamaica

Numerous factors, including timing, the right professionals and your management skills, help to determine whether it would work out cheaper than acquiring a house built by a housing developer or even one bought on the open market right now.


A two-bedroom house, which is in the region of 1,200 square feet, will, at today’s prices, cost approximately $5,000 per square foot to construct, totalling $6 million, according to Cletus Graham, president of the Jamaica Institute of Quantity Surveyors.

Factor in land preparation into the cost to build a house in Kingston Jamaica or anywhere in Jamaica, which would be required if the terrain for construction were hilly or rocky

These are construction costs alone and include a margin for the contractor’s profit and overheads.

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Other costs include land purchase – budget that at $750,000 to $2 million or more, depending on location; getting a plan done by an architect; and getting the plan approved by the parish council.

Graham explains that developers, especially those who do schemes, can bring in homes at much cheaper prices because of mass production.

“They capitalise on better prices for material and can negotiate with workers for pay closer to the masterbuilder rate rather than choice rate.”

A brand new two-bedroom home, with its own title, in Cherry Gardens in St Andrew, will fetch about $18 million now, says Alistair Smith, valuator at DC Tavares & Finson Realty. But it can attract a higher price if it comes with access to amenities, such as a swimming pool, secured gate, and modern finishes, including porcelain tiles and French widows.

Affecting the price as well could be the view and the section of Cherry Gardens in which it is located.

Other factors on building a house in Jamaica

Having spent the $6 million building the house, it will be worth about $10 million on the market, but other factors affecting resale price, will include location and demand, which is also connected to location.

The finish, Graham states, is also a factor.

Louvre windows are not as expensive as French windows but will lower the asking price. Keep in mind that if you are planning on installing air conditioners in your build on own land property then french windows are the perfect choice as they do not let the air escape as the louvre windows.

Low-cost ceramic tiles will not improve the price as much as high-priced porcelain.

Bathroom fixtures – say a Jacuzzi instead of an ordinary tub – can also tilt a valuation. Then, there is the cost of joinery, which can be as cheap as $4,000, or as expensive as $20,000 a foot.

Building contractors in Jamaica

Building a house ought to work out cheaper than buying a house of the same ‘market price’. But, if one does not have knowledge of construction and the workings of the building sector, inexperience can cause costs to be higher, Graham also points out.

Pitfalls in the house building process

Pitfalls include not getting a proper estimate from a quantity surveyor when the house is conceived and not ensuring that architects and engineers are on the job early.

During the course of the construction period, there might be situations which arise which might have been avoided had these experts been overseeing the construction process.

Call 925-8230 to speak with us about the cost to build a house in Kingston Jamaica or anywhere in Jamaica.

It is very important that professional are involved from conception to execution for the cost to build a house in Kingston Jamaica o anywhere in Jamaica. A quantity surveyor will help to keep your costs in line. The cost of building materials can swing substantially, depending on the supplier, demand, problems with importing, and the fluctuation in the Jamaican dollar.

The quantity surveyor will give you the best estimate. His fee will be quoted as a percentage of the project cost.

The cost of skilled workers in the construction industry is agreed between unions and masterbuilders every two years. On February 2009, skilled workers received an 18 per cent increase in wages. In 2010, they should get another 17 per cent increase.

Apart from the raw construction costs, you will need to contemplate the matter of finding the right location. The costs to build a 2,000 square-foot home in Cherry Gardens or in a less desirable area, might be the same, but, the market value upon completion will vary widely.

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Other master builders in Jamaica in the real-estate industry and top construction companies in Jamaica advise you to be mindful of issues such as the cost of labour. Our building system reduces the amount of laborers that are needed on a construction site which reduces the cost to build your house on your own land.

The low seasons for employment in the building trade can mean cheaper labour, while a sudden increase in housing, or a particular season such as Christmas time, can cause everyone’s costs to increase, as remodelling projects and new construction abound.

After the last few hurricanes, most of the able-bodied builders were fully occupied doing repairs to damaged buildings and their rates naturally went up.

Shoddy workmanship can result in your costs increasing tremendously to make the required corrections and ensure the safety of the structure that will house you and your family

Building-plan approvals are also key, but obtaining them from the local authorities can prove time consuming. The delays for building plans to move between the different regulatory agencies, which are not located under the same roof, can delay the approval time.

New housing development in Jamaica

There is also a need for clear planning guidelines, as what might be requested by one agency might conflict or differ from that requested by another agency, and this will have your architect going back to the drawing board several times.

Also, don’t fall prey to keeping up with the Joneses. A toilet for your bathroom can be as low as $3,000 or as high as $30,000 – it all depends on what type of fixtures you want, and how fancy you want your castle to look.

There is also the temptation to make sudden design changes to the building when you are midway through the construction, which can cause massive costs variation. It is always a good idea to build according to your needs and not on what our friends and neighbours have.

a. Foundation 11.1%,
b. Walls and wall finishes 21.3%
c. Floors and foor finishes 15.2%
d. Roof and roof finishes 7.0%
e. Staircase and balustrading 3.4%
f. Doors and windows 7.6%
g. Joinery fixtures, fittings 2.9%
h. Ceiling finishes 3.4%
j. Sanitary appliances, plumbing 1.4%
k. Electrical Installation 4.8%
Sub-total 78.0%

Drainage, water supply, etc 13.2%



TOTAL 100%

These percentages are still more expensive than out building system. 

Building your most valuable asset, your home, today can be a challenge. A challenge, not only as a result of the spiralling cost of materials and labour, but also because of the culture in the industry, where quality workmen are hard to come by, along with the prevalence of corruption on building sites. This makes our offer the superior option.

We are pleased to offer you The EGO Building System, where the large number of workmen and the conventional materials such as cement, sand, stone, lumber, etc. are not placed on site exposing them to theft. Our system allows for completion of the unit in approximately 6 – 8 weeks.

build on own land Jamaican West Indies

Advantages in working with Affordable Home Concepts Jamaica Ltd

We focus on Low Cost, Affordable Housing Solutions using non-conventional approach that saves the Consumer,  or the Investor as much as 30% over conventional methods. As seasoned Developers, master builders in Jamaica and Project Managers, we possess the capacity to deliver and provide you with a GREAT INVESTMENT. Your business is in safe hands with us.

The EGO Building System is approved by the Jamaica Bureau of Standards, rated to withstand winds up to 145 mph/233kph .


Residential Steel Framing members are cost effective, light weight, easy to handle, and manufactured under strict quality control guidelines. Steel framing is also termite proof and non combustible. Steel is the most recycled product in USA as well as all around the world. It is a green product. Your maintenance costs are minimal, your build on own land cost is reduced,your insure cost is reduced. These are some of the many different advantages of building with light gauge steel. 


No. In fact, because of steel’s strength you can design your home with larger open spaces. With a steel frame, the walls will remain straight and true and can be finished with the same materials traditionally used. Our system is approved my many master builders in Jamaica.


The overall recycling rate of steel industry is 66%, the highest of any industry in the country, offering an environmentally sound home framing alternative. Steel framing scrap is a valuable commodity that should not end up in a landfill.


names of construction companies in Jamaica

The price of steel has been relatively constant over the last decade. While the price of traditional framing materials has been erratic and growing at a rate much faster than inflation, steel prices have only experienced small quarterly adjustments. Builders interviewed nationwide have affirmed that framing with steel is commonly less expensive than traditional framing. The cost to build a house in Jamaica is greatly reduced saving the new homeowner money that can be used to but better tiles, furniture etc.


No. Steel framing is recommended by The Healthy House Institute for chemically sensitive and environmentally conscious homeowners who seek good indoor air quality. Steel frames do not need to be treated for termites and are free of resin adhesives and chemicals normally present in other construction materials.

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As a traditional home, depending on the weight of the picture, you can hang it from the drywall with toggle bolts or hangers. Heavier objects can be hung from screws attached directly into the studs, which can easily be found with a magnet.


Yes, since steel framing allows for larger spans, a home can be designed without interior load-bearing partitions, making it easier for homeowners to complete alterations without affecting the structure. Construction in Jamaica is changing and we are among the forerunners in the industry.

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The use of galvanized steel frame components protects your home against rust.


No. Waves pass through the spaces between studs allowing the use of all of the radios, phones, and television sets in your home. There are a few new housing developments in Jamaica that have used our system and there is no frequency disruptions.

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Tel 925-2161, 925-8230 to speak with us about build your home within 6 to 8 weeks on your own land in Jamaica

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